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GBF Militaria holiday

We are now closed until the 4th November.   Although emails will be answered no posting of items can be achieved until after the 5th November  

Taiwan Army Camo set

Again another superb find from another of our excellent Asian contacts. Fully badged Taiwanese Army ERDL  /Woodland pattern camo set One size only – a great collectors piece! See Asian section for more photos and prices

Afghanistan Northern Alliance camo set

Afghanistan Northern Alliance Camo set Another superb find for GBF Militaria. Great condition – See Asian section for more images and price.

Turkish digital camo – Now in stock

Just arrived from our man in Ankara!!! The latest Turkish camo pattern. Shirt / trousers / belt / assault vest / Commando beret plus much more As GBF Militaria have a guy in the know we can source uniforms to fit you!!! Please email for further info and items being added daily!

Japanese Self Defence Force Blackhawk made chest rig Jeitei camo

GBF Militaria have got another first – again from our Asian contact. A Superb JSDF Jeitei camo chest rig. Blackhawk made and as seen in picture used by the military. See Asian or webbing section for description and price.

Singapore Army digital camouflage set – badged HQ Supplies & TPT Formation Unit

Singaporean digital / Pixelated camouflage set. Badged Singapore Army with HQ Supplies and TPT Formation Unit. Rank to front and collar patch Large size – See Asian section for description and price    

Cyprus National Guard Lizard pattern jacket

More great unusual kit. Greek inspired lizard pattern – worn by the Cypriot National Guard in the 1980-1990’s. See European section for this superb example

Chinese 1980’s pattern camo set

Type 81 China camouflage set Modelled on USMC and DPM patterns. Now available in the Asian section Straight from GBF militaria’s trusted Asian contacts!! Gloucestershire’s finest camo supplier and surplus trader

USMC coyote brown Eagle Industries Afghanistan worn body armour

Genuine issued USMC Afghan worn body armour cover. See USMC section for description and price More unusual body armour covers / webbing vests coming soon at GBF Militaria Cheltenham

Slovenian desert camo set

2 great sets in 2 days!!!! – Camo collectors feast your eyes on the latest offering from GBF Militaria of Gloucestershire!!! Slovenia desert pattern set – complete with insignia, hat, shirt and trousers Sold as as set only Full description / price in European section  

Greece / Greek Air Force camouflage set

Yet another superb find from Cheltenham’s premier surplus and rare camo store. Greek / Hellas Air Force camo set. Brand new with issued labels See our European section for more info 5% discount if buying it as a set!


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