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United Arab Emirates digital camouflage shirt

More quality items to add to our ever growing Middle Eastern section!! The latest United Arab Emirates pixelated / digital camouflage pattern shirt See Middle Eastern section for more info and price

Singapore Navy pixelated / digital camo pattern set

We at GBF Militaria Cheltenham are proud to announce another first. A set of BRAND NEW Royal Singapore Navy digital / pixelated camo shirt and trousers Listed in our Asian section and just in time for christmas!!!

Royal Norwegian Air Force camouflage set

An unusual scandanavian camouflage pattern Royal Norwegian Air Force camo. See European section for descriptions and pricing.

Swedish M90 desert pattern camo set

Fresh from Malvern where more great items have been sourced our main man in Scandanavia has sent over a cracker. Uber rare Swedish M90 pattern desert camouflage set. Probably the first in the UK!! See European / shirt / trouser sections Sold ONLY as a set A great addition to anyones collection!!!!

Australian Army gear now in stock

We have bought a small collection of Auscam / DPCU /DPDU recenlty. This includes artkis hydro carrier, Issue DPCU camelbak, 10 sets of DPDU camo. Land 125 DPCU goretex smock DPCU new style giggle hat, platatac peacekeeper chest rig, old skool web set and bags / rucksacks and on our ebay site another set of […]

Malvern Militaria Convention Sunday November 17th 2013

The paperwork is now through! We can confirm that GBF Militaria of Cheltenham Gloucestershire will be attending the Malvern Military Convention on sunday 17th November. Pitch number 124/125 – come up and say hello! We’ll be bringing all the gucci gear and some kit yet to make it to the website. Use the link below […]

Belgium jigsaw tropical camouflage set

Another find from Ciney!! Belgium / Belgian army latest pattern ripstop tropical uniform. See European section  / shirt / trousers for descriptions and price A great addition to anyones collection! 5% discount when buying the set

Canadian CADPAT arid pattern camouflage set – Afghan issued

GBF Militaria – Gloucestershires only military and surplus store have got another first….. GENUINE Cadpat arid camo set. Bought in Belgium from a guy who traded it in Afghanistan!!! Own a piece of history!!!! Both shirt and trousers- listed in Trousers and shirt section. Maybe we do need a Canadian category………….? 5% discount if buying […]

Canadian Cadpat woodland 1st pattern camouflage set

Here is the beginning of what should be a good few weeks of superb camo finds. From our eventful trip to Belgium and deals struck as a consequence of that! 1st pattern Canadian CADPAT woodland camo set. With the exposed buttons and no pockets to sleeves on the shirt. 5% discount if buying both the […]

GBF Militaria newsletter

GBF Militaria are fully refreshed and now back at work!!! We have sent out the latest newsletter to those who subscribe and includes a special offer on a new line coming soon. We aim to send out special offers on a monthly basis to those who subscribe that will not be featured on the website […]


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