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Royal Malaysian Police Force – digital camouflage set

Only introduced in 2012. Malaysian police force – digital camouflage set Shirt and trousers – see Asian section for full details

Canadian 1980’s pattern paratrooper / airborne smock

We have just secured this superb Canadian military issue para smock 1980’s vintage. Dual language label -and MINT condition See smocks section

Russian night digital camouflage pattern trousers

The very latest – straight from Russia Night Digital camouflage pattern, Complete with stamps inside European / trouser section now

Singaporean digital camouflage gear

We are happy to announce that we have secured some Brand New and Unissued Singapore army gear This is the latest digital pattern Shirt / Trousers / goretex and boonie hat Coming to the website soon. (Once it stops raining and we can get some decent photos!)

Denmark M84 ripstop pattern lightweight shirt / jacket

Danish M84 pattern jacket. Ripstop version for use in the Balkans. Size label – 1 In the european section now

USMC items – just arrived!

We have 4 new USMC items that have just arrived! USMC current tracksuit – size medium USMC covered PASGT helmet – with NVG mount USMC Service Uniform peaked cap USMC peckham fleece These are in the USMC and relevant sections now!

Irish Defence Forces greatcoat and ceremonial belt

The very latest Irish Army ceremonial greatcoat New style for the 100 year celebrations – Brand new Complete with brand new ceremonial belt See Irish section now

South African Soldier 2000 short sleeved shirt XXL

Soldier 2000 South African military issue shirt This is a monster- size XXL and dated 1993 In the African section now

SAS / Special Forces webbing

Genuine Special Forces modified DPM webbing In the webbing section now.

Vietnam War – 1968 dated US ERDL camouflage set

A superb condition 1968 dated US ERDL camouflage pattern set. Vietnam war period Large Long size. With all makers labels. In the US section now  


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