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Canadian Land Forces garrison dress jacket

A great example of a garment only worn from 1989-94 in Canada only! Canadian Land Forces Garrison dress jacket In the smocks section now!

Happy Christmas! We are now closed for the festivities

GBF Militaria of Cheltenham want to wish one and all a Merry christmas and a happy new year We are closed now from the 23rd December until the 4th January. Emails will still be answered but not as quickly as usual!  

Lithuanian Woodland pattern Para smock

Another wierd and wonderful item and the last to be listed before christmas………. maybe? Lithuanian Woodland pattern para smock This was replaced in 2003. See European and smock section for more pictures and prices

Taiwan Marine Corps tiger stripe pattern set

Taiwanese Marine Corps Tiger Stripe uniform Shirt hat and trousers GBF Militaria’s penultimate pattern to reach the site prior to the christmas break!!! Mint condition – found in the Asian section – 1 only!

Lebabanse Army badged shirt

GBF Militaria – Cheltenhams’ only surplus and military store have secured another first!! Lebanon- Lebanese Army woodland camo badged shirt. Further photos and info available in our middle eastern section.

Rhodesia camouflage pattern bush jacket

A superb find straight from the soldier – A nice original piece. Rhodesian Army issue camouflage pattern bush jacket See African section for more photos and price.  

Yemen Police blue DPM camo set

Brand new and straight from the manufacturer. Yemeni blue DPM police camo pattern set. Maybe a first in Gloucestershire? See Middle East section for more info and price.

Special Offers for December

See our facebook pages – gbf militaria for Decembers special offers – Like us now for more great items These include, Marpat trousers. Irish trousers DPDU auscam new stock Use code offer 12/13 when ordered. Valid until December 31st 2013.

Netherlands Korps Mariniers – Marines early 1980s pattern camo set

A rare and unusual Dutch marines camo set (See camopedia for more info) I have it from a Dutch source that they were only used in the Caribbean by the marines. Treat yourself to it for christmas!!! European clothing / trousers / shirts section Sold as a set only


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